Weaving a web of lies..! RaGa needs to grow mature before taking unnecessary jibes at Modi

Stating something inaccurate, the law is strong enough to punish and warn..! But what if the said mistake is duplicated over and over again..? The society habitually starts cornering the mouthpiece and gradually evaluating the roots. Congress President Rahul Gandhi is up facing the society on his ill-remarks against the Prime Minister, airing him a thief.
“I did not apologize to BJP or Modi ji. ‘Chowkidar Chor hai’ will remain our slogan”, he shamefully said even after the Apex Court warned him to take his words back, further demanding an official apology along with the regrets. “Process is going on in Supreme Court and I made a comment attributed to SC so I apologized”, the futile said addressing the media on Saturday.

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May be unknown of the fact that the Supreme Court has given a clean chit to the Narendra Modi led Government in the undertaking of Rafale suit dated 14th of December,2018, Gandhi, reiterating his worthless point urged the concerned officials to investigate Rafale Deal.
May be unknown of the fact ahead that the NaMo led Government stood robust enough to face the terror acts, countering them with the much need surgical strikes, mindless Gandhi went on to say that the Army, Air Force or Navy were not personal properties of Modi like he thought. “When he says that surgical strikes during UPA were done in video games then he is not insulting Congress but the Army”, he added who himself insulted the Army and the government by asking for the strike proofs many a times.
May be unknown of the fact further that it is the Modi-led Government and the foreign policy abide that has resulted in labelling Azhar as a Global terrorist, naïve Gandhi on Saturday alleged the BJP government to release him bowing down to terrorism. Its time for Rahul Gandhi to learn that persistent measures taken by the MEA, under leadership of the Prime Minister and his own visits have contributed the highest towards UN decision.

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Lastly, may be unknown of the fact that the youth, the development chaps and all those abide are up favouring NaMo for his second term of leadership, Congress President Rahul Gandhi flagrantly called him a hollow structure which would crumble down in coming days.
With some of the significant hashtags supporting NaMo going viral on the social media, the Lok Sabha elections underway is openly witnessing the Modi-fever amidst. For successfully changing the mindset that a particular class doesn’t live on someone’s mercy, through its people-centric policies, the Prime Minister has made sure that each individual lives with dignity and contributes towards country’s growth. It seems that Gandhi remains unknown of this too..!


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