By the end of May, Mumbaikers will not get relief from the heat.

Residents in Mumbai and its suburbs are disturbed by the overwhelming heat on these day, but the Meteorological Department has given the signal to increase in temperature of Mumbai. According to the warning given by the Meteorological Department, there may be an increase in temperature in the coming days in Mumbai and Maharashtra.

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In the next few days the temperature can be up to 2 to 4 degrees. Doctors advised to avoid to go in heat, saying that people should avoid getting into the sun. Drink more water and immediately after seeing the symptoms of Lu, contact the doctor immediately. With this,

he weather department has appealed to the people of Vidarbha, especially Nagpur Bid, Latur Khandesh, to take special precautions. On Friday, Mumbai’s maximum temperature was recorded at 33.9 degree and the minimum temperature was 24.8 degree Celsius, which is expected to increase by 2 to 3 degrees by May 25. In Vidarbha’s Akola, Nagpur and  maximum temperature can be as high as 46 degree and maximum temperature in Chandrapur district is 47 degrees.

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Doctors have advised the general public that efforts should be made to save themselves from this fierce heat, instead of drinking outdoors artificial cold drinks, drinks made in the house should be consumed like scratches, bell juice, kokon sharvat  and sattu. Besides This, if you get out of the house for some reason then drink glucose powder mixed in  water. Use Ayurvedic lotion as long as possible to protect the skin from heat. As well as if you are feeling uncomfortable with constant heat then consult a doctor once. If you consume cold water immediately after reaching home or workplace, it can harm you.

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