More than one crore subscribers of BSNL left this servicce, Due to the negligence of the Central Government

Due to the negligence of the central government and the non-cooperation of the local administration, over one crore consumers of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) have become consumers of other telecom company, and even today the central government’s indifference towards BSNL remains.

According to the BSNL reliable sources, the department needs constant equipment to keep consumers in its area with constant manpower so that the daily problems of the consumers of the area can be eradicated as soon as possible. . But the central government continues to ignore departmental equipment issue too.

With this, many types of barriers have been deliberately generated in passing the tenders of works up to the local level, according to them local government institutions (Corporation, Zilla Parishad) have also started behaving harder with BSNL to do any repair work. For the local Corporation, Zilla Parishad administration only 1 meter excavation has to be paid in advance at ₹ 6000 per meter.

In such a situation, how many BSNL projects have been stalled, the staff of the department is not able to do the repair work in many places due to which its consumers are constantly ending, the number of consumers who have left BSNL has now reached crores but the center No attention is paid to it

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