What will happen to pre-election announcements?

As soon as the bugle of elections is held, the ruler party candidate of the entire state have started storming the storm of development works. There are just bhumi pujans Hoardings all around.  that entice the public are being installed. The MLA is performing Bhoomipujan in the rainy season. Every tactic is being adopted in order to call upon the public and hold on to them.

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Even the public representatives are reaching the voters’ house to congratulate them on the birth of a child. The public is feeling happy in this. People are being given a hug of love by taking them away from the problems of the city. But even then, the question remains that when will the announcements that are being made in the election wind be completed?

Broken roads, poor planning, deprived of basic facilities, including drinking water, to whom should the people tell their grief. If the corporetion raises its finger on the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation, no one knows about the complaints of roads being constructed by the funds of MMRDA. People are being made happy by telling the budget of crores.

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But the public does not know when the tender for the works done from this crores of funds came out? On the one hand, hoardings are being made to get the funds sanctioned, on the other hand, Bhoomi Pujan is being done for the work done by this fund. If the fund is only approved, how is Bhoomi Pujan of works possible? After approval of the fund, tender for the related works is invited and then Bhoomi Pujan is done at the start of the work. But here, Bhoomi Pujan is being done by putting up hoardings of funds being sanctioned, is it not an act to wash the eyes of the people? Such declarations are electoral and also become extinct after the completion of the election. The public will not know when this thing will happen.

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