In Chhattisgarh, Mahasamund, Rajnandgaon & Kanker to go to polls on 18th April during Phase 2 of Lok Sabha Elections

In the State of Chhattisgarh,three parliamentary constituencies (PCs) namely Mahasamund, Rajnandgaon and Kankerwill go to polls on Thursday, 18th April, 2019 during the Second Phase of the Seven-Phase LokSabha Elections. The Constituencies of Mahasamund and Rajnandgaon are for general category while Kanker is reserved for the Schedule Tribes. The total electorates in all the three PCs are forty nine lakh seven thousand four hundred eighty nine out of which twenty four lakh thirty eight thousand three hundred twenty are males, twenty four lakh sixty nine thousand one hundred ten are female and fifety nine others. A total of six thousand four hundred eighty four polling booths have been set up for phase 2 elections in the state.


The following table shows the break-up of number of polling booths and total electorate for the three PCs. It also shows thebreaking in terms of male and female electorate along with others. The Number of Polling booths that have been set up in Mahasamund are 2140 while Rajnandgaon has 2322 polling booths and Kanker has 2022.




Parliamentary Constituencies




Polling Booths

Number of Electorates  











MAHASAMUND 2140 8,12,761 8,24,219 22 16,37,002
RAJNANDGAON 2322 8,58,203 8,57,283 6 17,15,492
KANKER 2022 7,67,356 7,87,608 31 15,54,995

The Second Phase of Polling will take place in the three PCs according to the following schedule.

***Kindly note that there is a change in timing for the ACs of Bindranawagarh and Keshkal as per the corrigendum attached.


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