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1.37 billion Citizens, 900 million electors, and 1million polling booths: Largest ‘Kumbh’ of Democracy begins

India, the world’s largest democracy with a larger population is in the election mood. Creditable elections conducted at regularly prescribed intervals are the very soul of a democratic system. Elections of the largest democracy in the world pose immense challenges in conduct, taking into account these challenges, Election Commission of India has made comprehensive preparations for the conduct of elections which stretches on 73days*.

Many new digital initiatives and electors’ welfare are the vital features of this year’s elections. The accessibility of digital platforms and electoral awareness are the main characteristics of coming Lok Sabha elections. India is going to cast vote for 17th Lok Sabha election with new enthusiasm.

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10 interesting Facts about 17th Lok Sabha elections 2019:

  • 543 Parliamentary constituencies for elections
  • 900 million electors (overall), an increase of 84 million electors (2014-2019), over 15 million electors form 18-19 years i.e 1.66% of total electors, 38,325 transgender electors, 71, 735 oversea electors and 16,77,386 Service electors.
  • 10, 35, 918 polling stations throughout the country, a 10% increase in polling stations (2014-2019), The 57.05 lakhs machines used for this election (Including VVPATs, EVMs and BUs, and CUs)
  • 36 political parties will contest the elections.
  • 23 states and Uts have 100% EPIC coverage
  • To meet huge logistics and transport facilities, the arrangement of special trains
  • For voter’s assistance- helpline no 1950
  • Before elections, 3-time mock polls for checking the efficiency of EVMs and VVPATs
  • Eco-friendly substances for preparing election campaign/ publicity materials also restrictions on the use of loudspeakers
  • Especially for voter’s awareness, several initiatives under ‘Systematic Voter’s Education and Electoral Participation’ (SVEEP), EC also organized special camps for voter enrollment and ‘Chunav Pathshala’, special clubs for electoral literacy.


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