The flutter of Christians dominated country like Britain can be understood, again Modi is coming

There is no news of injustice, atrocities against Christians throughout the India, But before  one year, the pastor of the country’s most revered Christian church Arch Bishop had talked about the situation like emergency  for the minorities in the country. He had issued a letter to there followers of country not to vote for Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party in the next Lok Sabha election.

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Now the UK government has said on Tuesday that it will raise the issue of alleged oppression on Christians in India, among their counterparts. During the scheduled session of Question and Answer for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the House of Commons, Britain’s Foreign Office Minister Mark Field said that the UK government will take all matters of alleged religious atrocities in India with their counterparts.

The letter of Archbishop Church first and now the announcement of the British Government. the common Indian can understand the real reason. There is no news of abusive or atrocities from the Christian community, even in the country.

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Yes, after  becoming Narendra Modi As Prime Minister in the center of 2014, the Foreign currency for Christian machinery  coming from abroad has stopped, as center government revised the rules of foreign revenue,

Also about  machinery they show that there work is social service, but with the help of these foreign currency they usually convert  religion of poor Hindu Indian people in to Christianity.

Arch Bishop Church feels atrocity of Christians and now Even the British Government is getting the start of the Arch Bishop Church.

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On 23 may again there is big chance of being  Narendra Modi as next prime minister. And each and every Indian can understand flutter of christen machinery, and christen dominated country of world.

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