Chemical waste water and pollution coming from Dombivli

( Shivam Dubey )

Chemical waste water and pollution coming from Dombivli MIDC factory is in a lot of discussion. However, the mechanism related to tackling concrete measures is still not less difficult. Due to the chemical sewage chamber filled in several places in the MIDC area, water comes from it. Due to filling a chamber in front of the Manpada Police Station, the police is forced to work under the nose for his fierce nature.

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The organization, which has been given the independence of various government agencies, has not brought the issue of chemical waste to the proper processing. The Green Tribunal has repeatedly violated the system in this case. Accordingly, on April 10, the order of process of wastewater treatment of Supreme Court was issued as per the order given by the court, 15 days after the inspection and the report should be kept in the hearing on July 17.

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Accordingly, the committee appointed first conducted a survey. At this time, there was a disappointing situation in case of local waste management and chemical wastewater treatment in the MIDC area. Therefore, on April 24, ‘Despana’ showed that chemical sewage treatment was found in the premises of Sonarpada, Azade. The channels carrying wastewater are flowing above. The Pollution Control Board issued notice to the MIDC.

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