Show-cause notices to three media organizations for allegedly carrying out exit pool

The Election Commission of India has issued a show-cause notices to three media organizations for allegedly carrying out exit pool  during the Lok Sabha elections. A senior official of the Election Commission said on Tuesday that during the implementation of the Election Code of Conduct, the media reports based on the probable result of the Lok Sabha elections have been assessed. This has been considered by the commission’s conduct as a case of ethics of violence.

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On this basis, the Commission has sought clarification from these three media organizations about this. The Commission has told it to violate the code of conduct and tell them in the next 48 hours to explain why action should not be taken against them under section 126A of the Representation of the People Act.

It is to be known that three media organizations had recently submitted potential data based on the estimation of the defeat in the Lok Sabha seats and it was told that the number of seats to which the party is expected to get the election is estimated.

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Taking cognizance of this, the Commission has considered this as a way of election survey. According to the rules of electoral code, after the notification of elections is notified, election poll or exit poles can not be issued until the voting process is completed.

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