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With a roar of ‘Jai Jagannath’, PM Narendra Modi begins a campaign in Odisha

The elections are just a few weeks ago. All national leaders are participating and addressing rallies and roadshows as part of campaigning in various states across the country. PM Narendra Modi is on the country visit.

PM Modi kick starts his campaign rally in Odisha’s Koraput with “Jai Jagannath” slogans and said, “If anyone is responsible for the success of my government it is the people, Odisha’s people”.

BJP on Friday released a list of 36 candidates for LokSabha polls in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Maharashtra, and Odisha.

While addressing the public meeting, PM Modi said, “As a Pradhan Sewak, I’ve left no stone unturned in serving the people of the country. It is because of the unflinching support of people that I was able to carry out welfare work for the people of the country”.

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Further, He said, “Do you want a mazboot (strong) government or a majboor (helpless) government. Tell me, does India need a strong government and leadership or a weak and helpless one. Odisha will see its fastest pace of progress and development only when we have the same government both in the Centre and the state”.

He expressed, The government has transformed Odisha in the last 5 years.

While addressing the development in Odisha, PM Modi said, We are developing road infrastructure across Odisha and have ensured that there is a seamless flow of funds to ensure that good roads reach the remotest villages in Odisha.

He said You all must have noticed the development of road infrastructure in the state.

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Slamming the government of Odisha, He said, “The Odisha government just doesn’t want to roll out the Ayushman Bharat Yojana, under which the poor can get free medical assistance across the nation up to a sum of 5 lakh per year. Whether they work in Odisha, Delhi, Bengal or Gujarat, wherever the scheme is been adopted, they can get free medical treatment”.

Further, he added, But this government in Odisha is just not willing to take part in it… Either they don’t care for the poor or they have their own reasons and arithmetic. Either way, it shows their lack of empathy for the people of Odisha.

He expressed with pride, He said, “Two days ago Odisha, along with the rest of India witnessed something great. India has now become a space power and that is something that the world has now noticed. India is now even doing chowkidari even in space”. PM stated, Odisha became a witness of a historic moment that showed the world India’s capability. India can now keep an eye in the space too.

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He attacks the opposition, he said, “But while the world takes notice, and we all are proud of our scientists, there are that handful of people who are just always blaming, questioning, criticizing, insulting such feats. By doing this they only insult our scientists and our soldiers. Tell me, do you want such people who insult our forces and our scientists?”.

Further, he added, It is a month now, and Pakistan is still busy counting the bodies of terrorists killed, and these people here only keep asking for proof.

In conclusion, he said, This is the right time to punish Congress and BJD who were given ample time in Odisha to develop the region. However, they have failed miserably.


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