Most awaited special wish to PM Modi.. from Rahul Gandhi

Finally the most special and important wish comes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, from his beloved opposition, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Addressing a press conference, Gandhi said, “We congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the victory. We accept the mandate; as an Indian, I fully respect that.”

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He also spoke, “People of India have clearly decided that Narendra Modi is going to be their PM and as an Indian, I respect that.”

“It is an ideological fight, we will continue fighting”, says Rahul Gandhi.

On a question asked about the ‘family seat’ Amethi, Rahul Gandhi said that people of Amethi have given their verdict and made Smriti Irani their leader, I respect their verdict. I request Irani Ji to take care of Amethi.”

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Without speaking much, Rahul Gandhi left saying, “this not the time to go in details.”

Congress leader and Rahul’s sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also has congratulated PM Modi saying, “We accept people’s verdict and congratulate PM Modi and BJP workers.”


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