Muslims are not Scared at all! Zafar Sareshwala Refutes Nikhil Wagle’s Nonsense Statement

“I don’t think Muslims are scared at all! India will only thrive and prosper on Principle of good governance alone! It will only remain as a Secular Democracy! Also power is a great levler!” said Indian businessman Zafar Sareshwala in a reply to a non-sense tweet by the “Reputed” journalist Nikhil Wagle holding the BJP government responsible for creating fear among Muslims.

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The second consecutive and the biggest victory of the BJP government in Lok Sabha election 2019 is causing pain to some self-declared secularists. A reputed Marathi journalist Nikhil Wagle today tweeted that he will be with his Muslims brothers and sisters who feel threatened to fight for a secular state and India can never be a Hindu Rahtra.

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However, renowned Indian businessman Zafar Sareshwala gave an apt reply to his non-sense statement by giving all the evidences of the hard efforts being taken by the Modi government for the welfare of minority and deprived classes.

“Results 2019 have very clear shown in the last five years with almost 8 schemes launched by the government of Narendra Modi has touched one way or the other huge section of the underprivileged class.’’ Said Zafar Sareshwala in a tweet.


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