Kicking off BJP’s election campaign for LS polls, PM Modi blooms lotus via his strong words

Kicking off BJP’s election campaign for the Lok Sabha polls in Meerut this afternoon, Prime Minister Modi said, there is no such person in the society and no such corner of the country which has been left out of development during his government.

Senior BJP leader and Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that his government has taken decisive actions and has not indulged in sloganeering. He said, the government has worked with the vision of Sabka Saath – Sabka Vikas and moving forward to build a new India.

Taking on the opposition, Prime Minister said, his party is working to develop the country whereas the opposition has no clear policy for the same.

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Calling the SP-BSP alliance as political opportunism, PM Modi said, the crime will again be on rising and there will be no development of Uttar Pradesh if people of the state vote for the alliance.

Calling himself a Chowkidar, PM Modi said, his government has ensured free health services to the poor and a bank account for every citizen.

Prime Minister said that the farmers are our Annadatas and NDA government has taken several historic steps for them. He said the government has fulfilled the demands of farmers to increase the MSP by 1.5 times.

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He further said, “Our scientists were already demanding a test to kill the satellite in space and the old government also deferred the decision. This decision should have been taken long back for the security of the country. But the decision was also postponed.”

He alleged, Congress party has betrayed the poor people of the country. PM Modi said, after generations have passed, Congress Party is still making the same false promises to mislead the poor people of the country.

“The politics of these people is only when the country is weak when the people are sharing it, the society is in a way, they are only selfish, they are not allowed to have all development,” PM Modi added.

He also alleged that during Samajwadi Party rule in Uttar Pradesh Cane farmers had to wait to get their own money.


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