Death during accident in Everest climb, seeking 10 lakh rupees to search dead body from father

On April 7, Ravi Thakur Mountaineer went from house saying , his father, Mahesh Thakur about his trip to Himalaya to win mount Everest, But seven day before Father Mahesh  received news of death of his son Ravi in  accident, and from last 3 days, he did not get to see the died son’s face. Not only this, Mahesh Thakur has been given a bill of Rs 9.84 lakh in lieu of searching of his son’s dead body in mountain. They say that the work to find the dead body will only start after repaying the bill.

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Ravi Mountaineering, son of Mahesh Thakur, a BSNL employee living in Taranagar. On April 7, he was out of the house asking To Win on mount Everest, Ravi was the third number in four siblings. Mahesh explains that Ravi was a software engineer in Gurujram’s company. To go to Everest, he chose the climber Anne Richard Hannah’s group. The last talk happened on May 10 with the son. On May 11, the team began to climb on the Everest.

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On Sunday, May 16, Ravi hoisted the tricolor on Everest. But there was an accident when he returned. We received information that Ravi has died. Some family members have reached Nepal. According to Sonepat administration, the search for the body is continuing.

At the same time, Seven Mountain Agency, which runs the search operation, has demanded a bill of 44 thousand US dollars (about 9.84 lakh rupees). The family is unable to deposit such a large amount. At the same time,  Sonepat administration says that we are completely with Ravi’s family. The report of the case has been sent to the government due to the large amount of money.

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