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Third award to Achyutanand Dwivedi’s ‘Seed Mother’ in the 72st Cannes Film Festival

Even though the 72st Cannes Film Festival has been anarchist for Indian filmmakers because officially, the entry of any Indian film has not been this year. But Achyutananda Dwivedi won a third prize for ‘Seed Mother’ and gave a good news to the Indian audience.

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His three-minute film ‘Seed Mother’ was given the third award in the ‘International Section of N espresso Talents 2019’ category on Friday night. The ‘International Section of N espresso Talents’ is organized annually in the commentary week. There are only movies in this category that have been shot in the format 9/16.

The theme of this year’s film was ‘We Are What We Eat’. It involved films based on diversity, information and experience related to food. There were 371 videos from 47 countries in this category. In the movie of Sidhwadi, ‘Seed Mother’ is a story about Soha Popeyer, a female resident of Maharashtra. He has pursued cultivation in the local villages and in the traditional manner in the villages of Maharashtra.

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The filmmaker was born in Mumbai and he grew up there. But now live in Puducherry. He said, “I realized that the pace of life in Mumbai is ending me.” Dwivedi was known about the papari at the time when he was acquainted with them about a good seed.

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