BCCI Can Not Understand, Dhoni’s Love For The Nation

Deeply respecting his love to the Army, Indian cricket fans are showing an overwhelming support to MS Dhoni through social media against the issue made by the ICC on his gloves with the insignia of Indian Army. #DhoniKeepTheGlove hashtag is now trending on tweeter with a shower of tweets in favor of Dhoni and against the ICC.

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International Cricket Council (ICC) yesterday appealed to the BCCI to remove the Army insignia which were seen on the gloves of MS Dhoni during the India-South Africa match on Wednesday. Dhoni was spotted wearing a pair of hand-gloves with the regimental dagger insignia of the Indian Para Special Forces. The ICC regulations said that the ICC equipment and clothing regulations do not permit the display of messages that relate to political, religious or racial activities or causes during international match.

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been conferred an honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Parachute Regiment in 2011, and had also undergone training under the Para Brigade in 2015. ‘Balidaan’ is a badge symbol of the Para Special Forces commonly known as Para SF attached to the Parachute Regiment. Indians are raising question that how can the act of Dhoni amount to violation of ICC rules as it doesn’t at all display any kind of message related to political, religious or racial activities but it is just a symbol of proud to Army and nation.


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