Yogabhaas with aging age is fantastic

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh in the UK reviewed 22 such studies in which the effects of yoga on physical and mental health were examined in the elderly. In which it has come to know that by doing yoga, the strength and balance of the muscles can be increased in the elderly and it can also improve their mental health.

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In the statistical analysis, the results of studies were compiled, in which the elderly involved in other activities such as elderly, stroll, and chair acrobics were not compared.

Divya Sivaramakrishnan from the University of Edinburgh said, “On the basis of this study, we can reach the conclusion that yoga has an immense potential for improvement in important physical and psychological disorders in the elderly. In such a situation, yoga can prove to be a panacea with increasing age.

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Yoga is an intuitive activity in which it can be altered according to age conditions and diseases. “Compared to other activities, yoga improves strength, flexibility in the lower part of the body and removes depression

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