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Worshiping the gift of gentle strength..! PM Modi to seek his mother’s blessings for grand NDA win

After the NDA government returning to power with a massive majority in the Lok Sabha elections and BJP alone bagging 303 of total 542 seats contested, the promising Prime Minister is all set to meet his mother in Gujarat tomorrow, seeking her blessings for the massive victory.

“Will be going to Gujarat tomorrow evening, to seek blessings of my Mother. Day after tomorrow morning, I will be in Kashi to thank the people of this great land for reposing their faith in me”, Modi informed through his twitter handle.

The PM’s celebratory tweet today comes on a day when the Congress’s top leadership body whose members include UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and former Prime Minster Manmohan Singh met to discuss what went down for the party in the national election.

Modi also met BJP’s veteran leader L K Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi yesterday seeking their blessings for the historic win. “The BJP’s successes today are possible because greats like him spent decades building the party and providing a fresh ideological narrative to the people”, he said honouring the duo.

PM Modi meets his mother regularly before important occasions such elections, apart from routine visits despite his packed day plans. Before he went to a polling booth in Ahmedabad on an open SUV on May 23 during the national election, PM Modi spent 20 minutes with his mother, who lives with his brother Pankaj Modi at their family home near the state capital.

The recently re-elected Prime Minister is to take oath on May 30 where invites are being sent to neighbouring and ASEAN countries. This is in line with Modi govt’s neighbourhood first policy and act east policy.


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