Voting count @2 pm; 38.28% voters #GotInked

With India entering the fourth phase of elections, the polling fever has escalated as people step out to vote wisely. As per the Election Commission data, 38.28% voter turnout has been recorded till 2 pm. 9 states, 72 constituencies will decide the fate of India as the battle for election and reigning the thrown to become the next political power intensifies with each phase coming along. The spectrum of politics has widened as many popular faces from different fields are entering politics with full-fledged campaigning.

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Voters turnout in states as follows:

Bihar: 37.71%

J&K: 6.66%

Madhya Pradesh (MP): 43.17%

Maharashtra: 28.84%

Odisha: 35.94%

Rajasthan: 44.50%

Uttar Pradesh (UP): 34.19%

West Bengal (WB): 52.37%

Jharkhand: 44.90%

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In the first three phases, voting has been held in 302 Lok Sabha constituencies, and 168 more seats will go to polls in the last three phases. The Election Commission has set up 1.40 lakh polling booths or stations and has made elaborate security arrangements.

With this phase, elections in Maharashtra will come to an end. Interestingly the opposition Congress is fighting hard to reclaim its lost throne in Maharashtra. But the strong alliance between Bharatiya Janata Party and Shiv Sena, Congress’ really needs great luck to win the seats. The BJP and its ally Shiv Sena had won all 17 seats in 2014.

Counting of votes will take place on May 23, after all, seven phases of voting are completed.


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