Muslim Women under lenses..! Sri Lanka considers burqa ban in the aftermath of terror attacks

Considering the disastrous attack that took place in Sri Lanka, which targetted churches and hotels, the government is considering burqa ban. The decision is ought to be taken with consulations with Muslim community leaders.

The development comes as a follow up to the terror investigation that has pointed towards the involvement of a large number of women in the attacks. So far 40 suspects have been arrested in connection with the attacks, including the driver of a van which was allegedly used by the suicide bombers.

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UNP lawmaker Parliamentarian Ashu Marasinghe announced on Tuesday (23 April) that he is planning to move a private member bill seeking the banning of burqa in Sri Lanka, citing national security.

The bill, details of which was posted on the MP’s Facebook page, says that the burqa is not a traditional attire of Muslim woman and claims it has been identified as previously being used by males to engage in terrorist activities by hiding their identities.

“I propose that it should be brought to notice the ban of burqa considering the national security of the country,” Marasinghe added.

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Among the nations that have enacted a ban on the usage of burqa are Chad, Cameroon, Gabon, Morocco, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Belgium, and also Xinjiang, a Muslim-majority province in northwestern China.

If and when Sri Lanka decides to follow the suit, it would join a host of nations in Asia, Africa and Europe which took the step in the spirit of preventing terrorists from using the burqa to evade police or hide explosives.


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