Kolhapur : Son broke social bonds, Got widowed mother remarried after his father’s death.

In Maharashtra’s Kolhapur, a young man got his widowed mother married for the second time to fight social evils and her need for a companion. Yuvraj Shele (23 years) had lost his father in a road accident five years ago and the death had a deep impact on his mother Ratna (45 years).
He says, losing my father when I was only 18 years old was a big blow for me. But his death really affected my mother, who struggled with loneliness and felt socially isolated.
Scheele observes that there is a huge difference in the number of invitations her mother receives to social events after her father’s death, and this is affecting her psychologically. His mother was living alone at home with little interaction with the neighbours.
He said, ‘My mother was married to my father about 25 years ago. If a man loses his wife, society thinks it is natural for him to remarry. I wondered why the same belief did not apply to a woman, and decided to persuade them to marry again.’
Shelley is a little activist. He says, in a city like Kolhapur, it was not easy to convince relatives and neighbors and the close community. However, with the help of some friends and relatives, Shelley begins the arduous task of finding a groom for her mother.

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