Hitting at oppositions for questioning the Air Strike, Ravi Shankar Prasad says they should learn to trust the nation..!

“Accoring to the Congress party, international media is weaving a web of doubts on Indian Air Forces’ retaliation to the Pulwama accident. Have the oppositions reduced themselves to such a lower level that they tend calling the most heinous terror attack on 45 Indian CRPF jawans as a mere accident. This is an ideology and not a statement”, slammed Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad hitting at the opposition ministers Digvijay Singh, P Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal and more.

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“Making the attack a political issue all over, the Congress party is asking for proofs of total militants killed in retaliation by the Air Strike. This is full of shame as they are questioning the credibility of nation and the government”, he added further.

“Singh is amongst those who consider Zakir Naik and respect Osama Bin Laden and Hafiz Sayed by adding ‘ji’ behind their names. Although Congress has been in reigns for more than ten years now, why are they weaving such a tweet trap. Is this a part of some conspiracy..” , he pondered saying that whatever these people say is all boosting the Pakistani media.

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Digvijay Singh in the series of tweet, questioned the Pulwama Terror attack saying that some of the BJP ministers say 300 militants killed, BJP president says 250 are killed, Yogi Adityanath says 400 people were killed and SS Ahluwalia says no one died. “How can PM Modi tolerate this and the nation wants to know who is the one lying amongst. After the Pulwama Accident, the Air Strike conducted by our Air Force are also disbelieved by some foreign media. What about that?”, he added.

Further taking a dig at Congress Minister Kapil Sibbal Prasad said, “He served as Union Minister for 10 years. Asking for Air Strike attack proofs is shameful”.

Kapil Sibal had earlier questioned the credibility of the act tweeting, “Modiji : Is international media : 1) New York Times 2) London based Jane’s Information Group 3) Washinton Post 4) Daily Telegraph 5) The Guardian 6) Reuters reporting no proof of militant losses at Balakot pro-Pakistan ? You are guilty of politicising terror ?”, he tweeted.

These opposition leaders are making this sensitive issue a political one and speaking the language of Pakistanis. They should not weaken the strenghth of nation for the sake of politics, he signed off.


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