Do not devide country in the greed of Muslim votes – Vivek Oberoi warn to Kamal Hassan

Actor Vivek Oberoi on Monday targeted the actor who newly joined politics, Kamal Haasan’s on his controversial  statement in which he said that ‘the country’s first terrorist was a Hindu’. Actor Vivek Oberoi said that Kamal Haasan, the country’s senior actor, should not share such a say’s  which devide our country. Oberoi has expressed his opposition to this statement of Kamal Haasan through a tweet. This remark of Kamal Haasan has been opposed by many leaders.

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Likewise, Vivek Oberoi, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supporter, has not liked this thing too. In his twitter post, senior actor Kamal Haasan has written Vivek Oberoi, “Dear Kamal Sir, you are a great artist. Just as there is no religion of art, there is no religion of terror in the same way. You can call Godse a terrorist, why would you call him ‘Hindu’ terrorist ? This is because you are watching votes in a Muslim-dominated area? “He further said, ‘Please, small mouth big thing, do not divide India, we are all one, Jai Hind’

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