Dombivli; ‘Sister Nivedita mangement’against, unauthorized charges of parents, prevents parents from entering school

The admission fee of Rs. 38 thousand rupees per year for the first year at Sister Nivedita School of Dombivli Education Department. Some parents attacked this school on Monday to reduce this unrealistic fee. At this time, the office bearers and parents of a student organization were not allowed to enter. There was some tension due to shock and tremendous friction in the school with guardians, organization officials and security guards. The fight between the Sister Nivedita School and the Guardian with the MIDC resident area has been going on for some days. After parents objected to the admission fee for the first time, institutional institutions reduced the number from 38 thousand to 32 thousand rupees.

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However, parents are demanding to reduce this fee to 27 thousand and the institutional authorities have rejected it. He has the right to decide the fee. Parental representatives were allowed to meet the organizers of the school; However, the parents were displeased by not being denied admission by the student leaders. So, when they tried to enter forcibly, there was a quarrel at the entrance door. Meanwhile, institutional discussions with some parents, but the leader of the student union was not finally accepted. He said that the fee announced by the organization will not change. principal Harshu Bellare, principal of Sister Nivedita School, said that the school has the right to fix the first class fee. The right to raise fees for other classes except for the first class is as per the rules. Charges for other classes are determined by the Committee of Teacher-Teacher Union (PTA). In this regard, he pointed to the Supreme Court’s decision.

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