Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation Headquarters Building Repair Commencement

Mumbai, Dt. 19
The repair work of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation building has been taken up. This building is 129 years old. This amendment
The interior of the building is to be renovated with Mangalore Kaula roof and walls.
Due to Mumbai’s humid weather and continuous rains, the stone wall of the municipal headquarters building has undergone chemical treatment, the stones of the building have become moldy, plants have grown in the notches of the stones and cracks have appeared at some places.
The works are also going to be done to increase the life of the building and stop the leakages from various places by making special repairs to the dome, beams, arches etc. of the municipal headquarters building.
The work will be done under the guidance of the consulting company Structurewell Designers and Consultants and M Devang Construction Company has been qualified in the tender called for this. For this, the company has been awarded the job for Rs 9 crore 92 lakh including various taxes after bidding at a lower rate of about 15 per cent.
About ten crore rupees will be spent on the repair work of the building.

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