With Pakistan banning Indian movies, Cine Workers Association strikes back with blanket ban on Pakistani artists, diplomat

When Pakistan thought that the ball was in their coat, India envisions to strike back which is likely to tremble Pakistan inconsiderably. With Pakistan addressing a ban on Indian movies in their country, the All Indian Cine Workers Association (AICWA) have demanded a blanket ban on Pakistani artists, diplomats working in India. The demand comes after Pakistan banned the screening of Indian films on Thursday.

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The move came after Pakistan taking its decision on banning Indian movies, the AICWA in a letter to Prime Minister Modi quoted, “In relation to Pakistani government banning Indian movies in Pakistan AICWA urges all the film industries to put a complete stop to any association with Pakistani artists, musician, and diplomats.” The AICWA demanded a strict “say no to Pakistan” policy for trade and bilateral relation.

Further it added, “Entire film industry and cine workers have refused to resume work till there is a complete ban of Pakistani movie makers, artists, and trade partner. “AICWA learns that after scrapping Article 370 and 35A Pakistan has become vulnerable in feeding their perpetrators who were directly involved in provoking Kashmiris to create a non-cooperative movement against Indian government and policies.”

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Tensions escalated between the two countries after India scrapped Article 370 and 35A in Jammu and Kashmir. AICWA president Suresh Gupta praised Home Minister Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for their bold decisions and wish them luck on behalf of the entire film industry and 1.3 billion Indians.

Baffled by India’s decision, Pakistan in a jittery move, downgraded bilateral relations with India and also suspended all trade ties with its neighbouring countries.


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