Viewing to make India a favored destination for R&D, Centre facilitates closer integration with Indian research ecosystem

Viewing to position India as a favoured destination for research and development by MNC’s in India, the Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA) to the Centre held a deep discourse with leading multi-national companies, who notably have substantial R&D presence in India.

The interaction focused on suggestions from nearly 35 multi-national industry leaders from various sectors addressing issues and challenges in establishing research operations and investments in India.

The discussion chaired by Prof K Vijay Raghavan of PSA along with other government stakeholders also focussed on the global best practices viewing to facilitate closer integration with the Indian research and innovation ecosystem.

Further deliberating on emerging areas of research and innovation and sharing of data on R&D investment, the discourse also stressed on the operational issues and challenges faced by MNCs in India.

Principal Scientific Adviser plays an enabling role in synergizing cross-sectoral collaborations across scientific ministries, research institutions and industry partners to leverage science, technology and innovation for contributing to the knowledge economy and growth of the country.


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