Too close on heels..! Pakistan traps 30 Gujarati fishermen near a set boundary in the Arabian Sea

Coming close on heels of Pakistan’s goodwill gesture of releasing 100 Indian fishermen from Gujarat, just a month ago, the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency near the international maritime boundary in the Arabian Sea, a Porbandar-based National Fishworkers’ Forum, apprehended 30 fishermen on Monday.

The said fishermen are supposed to be Gujarati according to NFF secretary Manish Lodhari who also additionally informed that PMSA has also seized six fishing boats.

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“Thirty fishermen on board six boats were apprehended by PMSA near IMBL early today morning alleging that our fishermen had ventured into the Pakistan side during fishing,” Lodhari said.

“They will now be taken to Karachi port. All these boats had ventured into sea a few days ago from Porbandar harbour”, he added. He claimed Pakistani agencies were capturing Indian fishermen at regular intervals near the IMBL.


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