Thane Municipal Commissioner Sanjeev Jaiswals Decision To Cut 3527 Green Trees, Angry Thanekar

The world is in the grip of grueling environmental imbalances. Due to the heavy heat in the Maharashtra, the state of drought has arisen. Environmental experts are not expressing any possibility of coming monsoon before June 10. In these situations, efforts of the common citizens for the purpose of equilibrium of environment are to be tried at the administrative level. But surprisingly Thane Municipal commoner Sanjeev Jaiswal has decided to cut 3527 green trees in its area. Thane Matdata Jagaran Abhiyan and the Mus Association have started the movement, assuming it is dangerous for the citizens of Thane Municipal Area.

According to the press release issued by Thane Matdata Jagaran Abhiyan and Mus, During the conduct of Loksabha elections, As there was Ethics of conduct, Thane Municipal Commissioner Sanjeev Jaiswal had convened a meeting of the Tree Committee in which for Metro 4 project, widening of roads, 7 major builders project the total number of 3527 trees have been approved for cutting. which will prove suicidal for Thane residents.

According to the release, the process of breaking tree in the name of development of Thane is going on for years. This has worsened the environmental imbalance of Thane city. All the roads in Thane have become concrete, due to which heat can be experienced during walking on the road. Citizens experience this heat while passing through. Boundary edges are also being concentrated. This kind of negligence of Thane Municipal Administration is going to give birth to a new crisis. With all these decisions, the Greenness will end from Thane city.

The relationship between humans and trees is considered to be complementary to each other. Destruction of man and the destruction of man is certain. On these issues, the Thane Matdata Jagaran Abhiyan and MUS will be conducting a signature campaign in  highway and service road near the famous Cadbury naka (located behind the bus stop going to Borivali) at 4 pm on Saturdays. On this occasion, a large number of citizens have been invited to participate

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