Steps were taken by Government to strengthen the Forensic Sciences sector in India

As part of several initiatives of the Government to facilitate more efficient and scientific investigation in serious and heinous crimes, the Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to enhance the capacity of six Central Forensic Science Laboratories under the Directorate of Forensic Science Services in the area of forensic psychology involving external experts.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has also been executed between the Directorate of Forensic Science Services, New Delhi and Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Gujarat Forensic Science University (GFSU), Ahmedabad on November 28, 2019 to jointly carry out  research activities in the area of Forensic Psychology, neuro-psychological and psycho-social genesis of criminal behavior and related matters, with exchange of technology. This MoU is expected to enhance the partnership between academicians and practitioners and give a fillip to capacity building for forensic investigation as also cutting-edge research in the sector.

Forensic psychology is one of the emerging areas of forensic science in India. It primarily involves the use of applied clinical psychology (including cognitive psychology, social psychology, etc.) in criminal justice. This information is critical to formulating policies for prevention and reduction of crimes in the country, as well as in administration and management of prisons, jails, rehabilitation centers, etc.

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