Shame on you Priyanka Gandhi; stop using children for your demeaning politics

A single rotten mango makes the whole basket rotten… this saying is not wrong as one Congressi can make the people present there corrupt. A video which went viral shows Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, sister of Congress President Rahul Gandhi smiling and watching children abusing PM Modi. The children raised ‘chowkidar chor hai’ slogans. This shows a clear image of hers and also, is it now correct to give the seat in her hand that plays dirty politics using innocent children?

Today, Smriti Irani reacting to the viral video said cultured families should keep their children away from such a person (Priyanka Gandhi Vadra). Smriti Irani asked whether Priyanka Gandhi Vadra knows that children should not be used for political activity. She also hit about at Vadra by asking what sort of values she is giving children.

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Minister Smriti Irani then said that cultured families should keep their children away from such a person.

Also, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has written to the Election Commission (EC) regarding the video where Priyanka Gandhi is seen enjoying as children abused PM Modi.

In its letter, the NCPCR stated that they are in receipt of a complaint which has a video where children are actively participating in an election campaign. “The children can be seen making derogatory remarks and using abusive languages in the presence of Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi,” stated the letter. The commission mentioned that as per a letter issued dated January 20, 2017, it had asked the EC to “ensure that children are not involved for election purposes and also, had recommended to all national parties to not to use children for distribution of posters/pamphlets, participate in slogan shouting, rallies etc.”


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