Senior economist Chandrasekhar Tilak budget analysis Lecture in Dombivli, New Record

36th consecutive year of budget analysis

New Record of Union Budget Speech

Senior economist, investment expert and fine writer Chandrasekhar Tilak has been analyzing the Union Budget since 1988. This year is the 36th year of his consecutive budget lectures and it will be a new record. tomorrow ( wednesday)
Tilak’s budget analysis/lecture will be held at Tilaknagar school grounds, Dombivli East at 7 pm. With this lecture, Tilak will surpass the record of late Nani Palkhiwala. It may even be a world record for one person to talk about economics for 36 consecutive years.

Late Nani Palkhiwala lectured on the Union Budget for a total of 35 years in front of huge audiences. The tradition, which continues till 1994, started in the 1950s in a small auditorium in a hotel. And later due to overwhelming response, the event was held at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai. Listening to Palkhiwala’s lecture on the Union Budget was a great treat for the audience.
After Nani Palkhiwala, the name of Chandrasekhar Tilak is now taken as the speaker who gives consecutive lectures on the Union Budget.
Budgetary Analysis, Nani Palkhiwala and Chandrasekhar Tilak One thing that comes to mind is that though Nani Palkhiwala spoke on the budget for a total of 35 years, he did not speak for 35 consecutive years. When he was India’s ambassador to America for two years, there has been a gap of two years. Chandrasekhar Tilak, however, has been conducting budget analysis for the last 36 years (2023 being the 36th year) consecutively. Palkhiwala’s lectures used to be in English only. Tilak used to commentate in different languages like Marathi, Hindi, English (in early years Gujarati and Urdu too).
Tilak has received about 3 thousand 480 speeches on economic subjects, 4 thousand 500 speeches in all subjects, about 3 thousand articles, 27 books and various awards.
The Tilaknagar Public Ganeshotsav Mandal has appealed to attend Tilak’s lecture to be held on February 1.

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