Paris: Yellow Vest protesters attack police with excreta-like substance, torch vehicles

Paris Police today had to resort to using tear gas after they were attacked by the Yellow Vest protesters with an excreta-like substance here as the demonstrations entered their 23rd continuous week. Aside from attacking the police with the substance, a few demonstrators also lit garbage and vehicles on fire in Paris during Saturday’s agitation. Around two people were wounded in the rally, which also saw participation from the ‘Black Bloc’ group.

Demonstrators donning yellow vests have been taking to the streets across France continuously since November 17 last year. They initially protested against the proposed rise in fuel prices, which were scrapped by French President Emmanuel Macron in a bid to quell protests.

Around 60,000 police officers and gendarmes have been deployed to maintain peace during the protests, according to Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner. Meanwhile, Sputnik reports that at least 100 protesters have been arrested in Saturday’s protests.

Protesters were asked to stay away from the Notre Dame cathedral in the wake of the devastating fire which struck the iconic landmark on April 15.

The yellow vests have resorted to using social media in order to mobilise supporters for a new wave of protests dubbed “Ultimatum 2”.

At least 30,000 people marched in the protests across France last Saturday. Protesters have previously vandalised shops and establishments located along the Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris. They have also pelted stones at police officers in previous protests, with Macron and his government urging for a peaceful resolution to their revised demands which range from equal pay for the genders to tax reform.


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