Old man killed in Santa Cruz

Mumbai, Dt. 8
A shocking incident has taken place in Santa Cruz where an elderly citizen was murdered. The name of the dead old man has been identified as Muralidhar Purushottam Naik (85) and it was said by the police that he was killed by a person working at home to take care of Naik.
Naik was strangled to death by tying his hands and feet and putting a handkerchief in his mouth. The police suspect that the murder may have been for the purpose of theft.
Naik lives with his wife Uma on the third floor of the building. Both are doctors by profession. Muralidhar has two sons and one daughter and lives in Vileparle, Chembur and Navi Mumbai areas of Mumbai. As the Naik husband and wife lived alone, male and female servants worked to take care of them.
The female servant used to leave after cooking and cleaning while the male servant stayed at home. Meanwhile, the servant’s name is Krishna Manbahadur Periyar (30) and he was hired eight days ago. Krishna is absconding and Santacruz police are conducting further investigation.

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