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For sufficient rains Maharashtra sets aside Rs 30 crores for cloud seeding

Waking ahead in the farmer’s distress and the water concerns faced amid the monsoon season, the Maharashtra State Government has moved up to set aside Rs 30 crores for cloud seeding which will be executed with the aid of radars.

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Earlier in 2017, the Maharashtra Government had approved Rs. 250 crore Cloud Seeding Programme during monsoon season to produce sufficient rain. The state has frequently toyed with the idea of cloud seeding because of the frequency of droughts over the Vidarbha region.

Under this programme, weather scientists using aircrafts spray chemicals silver iodide over clouds hovering above a rain shadow region of Western Ghats in the state. This marked the first controlled experiment to quantify the extent to which clouds form water drops large enough to make rain.

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Coordinated by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, this experiment headed in spraying silver iodide and dry ice on 100 clouds and comparing them with 100 unseeded clouds. Ground radar was used to track the clouds and verify which ones contributed rain.

China used the technique during the 2008 Olympics to veer rain away from the inaugural venue and now has a full-fledged department that blasts rockets into clouds to induce rain and control pollution.


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