After the Supreme Court hangs on the ropes, let us face the elections – Uddhav Thackeray

Mumbai, Dt. 12
After the Supreme Court hangs all the strings at the gate, let us all face the elections now. In a democracy, the last court is the people. What’s wrong with going to the people’s court? Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray said here today that we will accept the opinion of the people.
He was speaking at a press conference held in Mumbai.
Yesterday, the court has assigned the task of announcing that the parrot that was placed in front of him, that it is not moving, not opening its eyes, etc., is dead, has been entrusted only to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. We had the Assembly Speaker earlier. Now he is in BJP. Uddhav Thackeray also criticized that he is aware of political travel and knows how to do it within the framework of the law.
The Speaker of the Vidhan Sabha will take the decision in his own way. If they do something wrong, again the doors of the Supreme Court are open to us. If the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly does something crazy, then there will be no place in the world to show his face and then the infamy that will follow. The Assembly Speaker is abroad. Thackeray also said that they should return as soon as possible and take a decision as per the directions of the Supreme Court.
What happened in the Supreme Court yesterday, many can see through their glasses. There are people who hug a dead parrot from behind. A temporary lifeline has been obtained. This disregard of Maharashtra should be stopped. Like me, Thackeray also demanded that this illegal government wake up to morality and resign.

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