Gujarat ATS and Indian Coast Guard capture 9 international smugglers with heroin worth Rs 500 crore

Capturing nine international drug smugglers, who were reportedly carrying 100 kgs of contraband worth Rs 500 crore in a boat, which were destroyed after they were trapped by the agencies, the Gujarat Anti-Terrorist Squad and the Indian Coast Guard carried out a major mid sea operation near Porbandar on Tuesday.

As per the press statement, the Gujarat ATS had received a tip-off that an illegal consignment of narcotic drugs, heroin, is going to be smuggled in Gujarat through Coast. Further, the information, passed on by ATS ACP BP Rojiya, revealed that the consignment, loaded from Gwadar Port in Pakistan, was being sent in Dhow of Iran.

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Following the Gujarat ATS sources, Pakistan’s Hamid Malik, suspected to be one of the kingpins responsible for pushing drugs into India, is behind this. The squad arrested nine Iranians from the boat, confirmed the officials on Wednesday after the boat sank off the Gujarat coast.

“The interrogation of nine Iranian nationals from the smuggler’s boat revealed one Pakistani national named Hamid Malek had sent the consignment, which was loaded in the Iranian boat off Gwadar port of Pakistan. The total value of the 100 kg contraband is estimated to be Rs 500 crore,” the release said.


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