Do you wear helmet while on two wheeler? Lord Ganesha will offer you a ‘laddoo’ then!

Punishment for mistakes is bound though appreciation for any good work in social and public life is necessary. Waking ahead to create awareness regarding traffic rules and inspire more and more people to follow it, Rajkot Traffic Police on Tuesday deployed two police officers, donned as Lord Ganpati, for offering sweets and appreciating those riding their two-wheelers wearing helmets

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The policemen offered sweets and a commendation certificate to the two-wheeler riders wearing helmets. The traffic police have taken the initiative in collaboration with a Trust named, ‘Bolbala’, making sure that people wear a helmet which is compulsory.

“Lord Ganesha is offering laddu to those who wear a helmet. This will create awareness and inspire people to follow traffic rules”, said Ajay Chaudhary, ACP Rajkot. “Head is the most important part of the body and its safety is the priority. So we have organized this program and those who follow rules are felicitated”, said Jayesh Upadhyay, Chairman, of Bolbala Trust.

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This is after the new Motor Vehicles Act enhanced the penalties for driving errors. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had notified the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019 last month and it was implemented in many states of India from September 1.


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