With the onion, prices of potato and other veggies on the rise

According to traders, the recent winter rains have damaged some crops, not only onions but also increased the retail prices of potatoes and other vegetables in the national capital.

In the Azadpur wholesale market here, prices of staple vegetables, especially onions, are ruling at a high of Rs 70-90 per kg, potatoes Rs 22 / kg, tomatoes at Rs 18 / kg.

“The supply of most vegetables including potatoes and tomatoes has been affected due to recent rains,” said Rajendra Sharma, General Secretary, Azadpur Mandi, Potato and Onion Traders Association.

For example, the wholesale rate of cabbage was Rs 7-10 a kg in Azadpur mandi on Monday, compared to Rs 1.40-3 a kg a year earlier, cauliflower was Rs 8-22.50 a kg while Rs 5-10 a kg. Last year, while carrots 4–23 Rs. / Kg 2-12 Rs. / Kg, and capsicum Rs. 12-22 / Kg, while in the said period Rs. 6-12. / Kg, while according to central government data, portal Agmarknet.

However, in retail markets, rates are very high based on quality and locality. Onion is available above Rs 100 per kg, potatoes at Rs 35-40 per kg and tomatoes at Rs 60 per kg in retail markets of the National Capital Region. The prices of other vegetables like cabbage, cabbage and spinach are twice the rates quoted in wholesale mandis.

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