Unprecedented move by Modi govt, Amit Shah passes resolution to scrap Art 370

Amid massive disruptions in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and aligning chaos in the upper house of parliament, MHA Amit Shah on Monday moved up to repeal Article 370, which grants special status to the state.

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Rising up to respond to the opposition’s rain of questions, Shah said that he was ready to answer all the queries in relation to Kashmir. “I am ready for all discussions by the leader of the Opposition, the entire opposition and the members of the ruling party over Kashmir issue. I am ready to answer all questions”, he said in presence of PM Narendra Modi, Rajnath Singh and other ministers.

Further announcing that the government would be introducing four Bills on Jammu and Kashmir at once, Shah stepped up to revoke Article 370 attracting extensive uproar in the parliament.

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Included in the Constitution on October 17, 1949, Article 370 exempts Jammu and Kashmir from the Indian Constitution and permits the state to draft its own Constitution. It restricts Parliament’s legislative powers in respect of Jammu and Kashmir.

Article 35A stems from Article 370, having been introduced through a Presidential Order in 1954. Article 35A empowers the J&K legislature to define the state’s permanent residents and their special rights and privileges.


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