The cases of forcefully pressurizeing to say Muslim youth Jai Shree Ram cases are fake

The fake case on Hindu youth forcibly preserise muslim  youth to say ‘Jai Shri Ram’  has not yet been solved, the another case arise, Baghpat district imam Imlakurmahan claims that some hindu youths allegedly attacked their beard and pressurized them to say ‘Jai Shri Ram’. The complaint of this effect has been recorded in the local police station

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While the Superintendent of Police Shailesh Kumar Pandey told on Sunday that the compliant has been ragistered  and the police has started investigating aginst 12 youths. Action will be taken against the accused on the basis of the investigation report. Here its important to mention that, According to police sources, even before this, Imam Imkur Rahman had filed a similar case in a neighborhood police station in Muzaffarnagar district, which was found to be false in the investigation.

Two days ago, similar incident took place allegedly with the youths of a Madarsa in Unnao district, in which the youths of the Madarsa have lodged in police complaint as they told some Hindu youths to play for the sake of ‘Jai Shri Ram’. No matter speaking, the local police are telling the result of the controversy during playing cricket.

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The lies of the Imam of this madrasa were also caught on Saturday in a TV channel, in which he first said that the children of their madrassas did not know the accused. And they found the accused in Facebook On this plea of the Imam, all the members present there condemned the lies of Imam with one mouth. Because no unknown person, whose name is also known, can not be found in Facebook only on the basis of face. Four people accused of conspiracy or conspiracy accused were the office bearers of local BJP Yuva Morcha. And the mobile location of four accused was not found at the event site at the time of the incident.

According to Imlakurmahman, a resident of Jaula of Muzaffarnagar, he was going to his village from Sardhana on motorbike on Saturday evening. On the way, around 12 youths standing beside the road near Saraura village of Banat police station area stopped them and beat them with a beard. He implies in a mosque of Sardhana.

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Imam has alleged that the youth wanted to slogan slogans ‘Jai Shri Ram’ for them. On the uproar of the Imam, Rahgir and his village reached Suhail and Nadeem spot and rescued them from the clutches of the attacking youth. There is allegation in Tahrir that the youth went away by threatening Imam that there was no recurrence here. If you want to come, then you have to cut the beard.

However, on the basis of Tahrir, the police has started investigation after registering a case against about 12 unidentified youths. Of course, 12 young men attacked them at the border of Saraura village near their village of Imam, but Imam Sahib is also one Similarly, two more youths from their village, Suhail and Nadeem, also come to save them, but they also do not recognize any of the 12 youths and the local police station There are complaints against 12 unknown Hindu youth in the area.

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According to the Superintendent of Police, so far the cause of the assault has not been known. In addition, it has also been revealed in the investigation that before this, Imam Imlakurmahman had filed a similar case in a neighborhood police station in Muzaffarnagar district, which was found to be false in the investigation.

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