Positive Reform in Governance! UPSC selects 9 private sector exports as Joint secretaries under ‘Lateral Entry’

‘Good Governance’ is one of the most important policies in modern public administration. Indian Government is always keeping ‘Good Governance’ on the top of the agenda. As a part of the Government’s promise to implement bureaucratic reforms, The UPSC has selected 9 private sector specialists for appointment as joint secretaries in the central government departments under the ‘lateral entry’ mode.

The lateral entry mode, which relates to the appointment of specialists from the private sector in government organizations, is considered as an ambitious step of the Modi government to bring in fresh talent in bureaucracy.

Usually, the posts of joint secretaries are managed by the officers of Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Forest Service (IFoS)) and Indian Revenue Service (IRS) among others who are selected through a three-phased rigorous selection process undertaken by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

The Personnel ministry had in June last year invited applications for the joint secretary-rank posts through “lateral entry” mode. By the end of the deadline, the Government had amassed as many as 6,077 individual applications.

Joint Secretaries selected by UPSC-

Amber Dubey (civil aviation)

Arun Goel (commerce)

Rajeev Saksena (Economic Affairs)

Sujit Kumar Bajpayee (environment, forest, and climate change)

Saurabh Mishra (financial services)

Dinesh Dayanand Jagdale (new and renewable energy)

Suman Prasad Singh (road transport and highways)

Bhushan Kumar (shipping)

Kokoli Ghosh (agriculture, cooperation, and farmers welfare)

As per the special report of NITI Aayog highlighted the importance of specialists in the system for good governance. The reports stated, it was essential that specialists be inducted into the system through the lateral entry on a fixed-term contract. The report also called for inducting qualified and experienced personnel from the private sector had been echoed from different corridors from time to time, so as to boost the dynamism in country’s bureaucracy and also bring in expertise from the private sector to the public’s benefit.


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