PMC account holders get relief from RBI, Governor said your money is safe

Nearly a month after the Reserve Bank of India imposed a ban on the Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative bank on Tuesday, The RBI governor met the account holders of PMC Bank and assured them that the money held by the account holders in PMC Bank is safe.According to the RBI governor, a press conference has also been organized by the RBI on October 27 in this subject, in which detailed information will be given about it. PMC bank account holders have been assured by RBI governor by 30th of this month to take appropriate decision on PMC bank.
It is to be known that on the 24th of last September, the RBI had completely banned the transactions of PMC bank, the account holders were sent a message on their mobiles at night. The bank’s transactions were closed from the second day onward. Due to which an atmosphere of frustration was created among thousands of bank account holders and in the meantime there is also a total death of 5 PMC bank account holders in the dilemma of not receiving money from the bank.
With this, the PMC bank account holders continued to protest against the RBI, there was a sit-in protest in front of the RBI office Mumbai for the last few days. Today, the time of meeting the RBI governor was sought by the PMC account holders, which was approved and In the same meeting, the RBI governor said that the account holders’ money should be secured and in this case it will be appropriate till October 30.

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