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How did the Poor and the Middle Class got benefited most from Modi govt, answers Jaitley..!

With the Lok Sabha polls heading this year, the NDA Government is all set to preserve it’s reigns across the nation backed by robust campaign. Picking up social media as a grave element of campaigns, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley yesterday posted a blog post at Facebook answering the uprising queries regarding the reservation bill for the economically weaker section of the society.

Initiating the narrative, he stressed over the genuineness of the decision saying, “The Prime Minister’s decision to force an agenda for poverty based reservation is the single greatest recognition/ concern for poor across the general categories and the need to eliminate poverty. The principal opposition party showed only lip sympathy for the measure and grudgingly supported it while poking holes in the same.”

Jaitley asserted that the strong policies of the NDA government have benefited the poor and the middle class of the society. “Poverty as a criteria for a carve out does not in any way contravene the basic structure of the Constitution. The original Constitution (unamended) in its Preamble mentions Equality of Opportunity and Justice for all whether political, social or economic to be ensured by the State.”

“It is an aid to the interpretation of what constitutes the basic structure. Nor does the carve out amongst the general non-reserved categories for 10 percent of their poor in any way get restricted by the 50 percent reservation embargo placed by the Supreme Court.”, he said elaborating his point.

The farmer’s distress being the key point of the Lok Sabha polling campaign this time, Jaitley urged that the government has expressed it’s intention to help the farmer by fixing the Minimum Support Price for the notified crops at 50% higher than cost. “The farmers, of course, need greater support and the Government is committed to the same”, he said.

Further focussing over the inline tasks of the government, Jaitley cleared that the universal health scheme – Ayushman Bharat – is targeted at 40% of India’s population who are at the lowest point of the economic ladder. Each one of them can get hospital treatment free with the coverage upto Rs.5 lakhs annually per family.

Cornering the middle class society and the benefits provided to them, the Finance Minister said that the GST rates for most of the commodities have been cut down. “The GST is the single most important ‘consumer friendly measure’ in India. Commodities have been made cheaper, even though the revenue sacrificed now after the rates revision, would be close to rupees one lakh crore. Even though the taxation slab is Rs.2.5 lakh, those with an earning upto Rs.3 lakh need not pay any tax. A Rs.40,000/- standard deduction has been given to all employees.”, he asserted.

“The subsidy for housing for the middle class has been liberalised. Inflation during the five year tenure has been kept between 3-4% as against 10.4% during UPA-II. The Government staff has benefitted from speedy implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission, the Services have benefitted from the implementation of the OROP, the pensioners have benefitted by the New Pension Scheme. The Government contribution being increased from 10% to 14% and greater part of rebate being given to the entire amount of 60% which can be withdrawn at the time of superannuation.”, he said elaborating on variety of issues cooked earlier.

This is the first five year tenure of a Government where India has consistently remained the fastest growing economy in the world. This being the heating period in relation to the Lok Sabha polls heading, it is notable referring to the battle ground engagements.


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