Honouring Rajmata, a woman artist in Mumbai depicts Jijabai’s life on 125 ft long saree..!

Honouring the lady known for the influential and determined deeds, who was an embodiment of self-respect and virtue.. the one who stood behind Chhatrapati Shivaji strengthening the Maratha empire all-over..! Talking of Rajmata Jijabai, a matron in Mumbai has channelized her artistic energy creating a masterpiece for visual pleasures..!

An unusual piece of art showcasing the life of Chhatrapati Shivaji’s mother Rajmata Jijabai on a 125 foot long saree has been brought out by a woman painter celebrating International Women’s Day abide.

Artist, Shrutika Ghagh, depicting several real-life scenes from the life of Jijabai said that, “I chose Jijabai in order to inspire women. I have made 37 portraits of her in the saree using several textile techniques such as block printing, hand printing. Moreover, I have only used only three colours on the saree Black, Golden and Red”.

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Taking 114 hours to complete the piece Ghagh said that she has also approached Guinness World Records for recognition of her work, which she claims is one-of-a-kind. In the art piece, the painter has shown Shivaji as a child standing with his mother.

Further in another scene she has depicted the Maratha king bowing his head before his mother before embarking on a battle. Most people who visited the gallery, where Ghagh had displayed her work were seen taking photos and selfies along with the saree.


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