Here’s how Goyal’s insight on evolution of vocational skills and employment slots, lead to ‘New India’..!

“We need to connect the dots between employment opportunities and employability of our people as we strive to integrate India with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, for too long we focused more on educational degree and less on vocational skills. This is slowly changing in India and across the World”, opined Piyush Goyal on Saturday, while addressing the Confederation of Indian Industry workshop on Jobs and Livelihood in the capital city of Maharashtra.

“When assessing the employment that would be generated by shifting to renewable energy, we found that we would be giving opportunities to 12-15 times the number of people employed for every unit of energy generated. We are also trying to assess and upgrade the skill development programmes through industrial and government partnerships”, he added.

Stressing at the robust employment data need in the nation, Goyal said, “The data regarding the job availability and the demand citing potential requirements however is not sound, creating hurdles to assess the same. We also focus on channelizing the energy of youth in the proper direction. The number of people engaged in the formal as well as the informal sector is significantly more in the past years. This is the stunning aspect, not getting captured in the data schedules”.

“We cannot continue to define employment the way we have so far. The nature of employment is rapidly changing from salaried jobs to entrepreneurship all over the World. Acting on wrong data leads to wrong decisions. Accurate data is a prerequisite to good decision making, which is why data collection in informal employment is crucial for better policy framing”, he added.

The next challenge being to take the industry to the villages and the rural area instead of burdening the cities with more people. This will also expand the villages to cities attracting the facilities and more job opportunities. The government is criticised on the Swacch Bharat and other policies. But they fail to learn the backbone of these, which will attract the tourism encouraging job slots. Unless we have a clean India and make cleanliness a part of our DNA, we cannot promote tourism- the largest job creating sector anywhere in the World, he reported.

The number of people that would be engaged in renewable energy production is significantly higher, leading to more jobs on the ground. This is the changing landscape we need to capture in our policies.

Focusisng over the health care facilities available and arising in the nation, the minister said that with Ayushman Bharat, we will have nearly 500 million people availing medical services who previously had no access to such health care. “With a government and industry partnership, we can truly transform skill development to prepare our youth in becoming more employable and productive”, he added.

By recognising the technological disruptions that are taking place in the job market, we can leverage our massive population to make them more employable. With the government and industry partnership, we aim to develop a ‘New India’, to make it more employable and robust in the path chosen”, he concluded.


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