Bringing a new dawn, PM Modi asserts SC decision on Ayodhya reflects spirit of India’s culture, tradition

The whole country has accepted the Ayodhya Verdict with open heart, that is the ancient culture of India which reflects the traditions and sense of harmony, asserted Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he addressed the nation on the historic verdict. Revering the day as a golden chapter in history of the judiciary of India, PM Modi lauded Supreme Court to slate the decision which has history of hundreds of years and the entire country was avidly waiting for.

Addressing the nation, PM Modi said, “During the hearing on this subject, the Supreme Court heard everyone, listened very patiently and gave a unanimous decision. The Supreme Court has shown strong will behind this decision. And therefore, the judges of the country are the officers of the court and our judicial system.” After the verdict, the way the whole country, including people of every class, every community and every creed, has accepted it openly, it reflects the spirit of India’s ancient culture, traditions and harmony, said PM Modi.

He further added saying, “Today, with the decision on Ayodhya, this date of November 9 has also given us a lesson to move forward together. Today’s message is to add – to come together and live together. Whenever there is any bitterness in the mind of anyone, anywhere, on all these things, it is also a day to give him relief. Fear, bitterness, negativity have no place in new India.” This decision of the Supreme Court has brought a new dawn for us. This controversy may have affected many generations, but after this decision, we have to make a resolution that now a new generation will start building a new India from scratch.

The Supreme Court on Saturday pronounced that the Ram Temple will come up in the disputed land in Ayodhya, while Muslims will get an alternative land measuring five acres. Delivering the Ayodhya verdict, CJI Ranjan Gogoi on Saturday underlined that law must stand apart over political considerations, religion and beliefs.


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