Alert railway men avert major tragedy in Kalyan

Two alert railway men saved the lives of thousands of passengers early on Tuesday morning. After spotting a rail fracture, one of them ran towards a speeding express train and brought it to a halt while the other repaired the track. The restoration work was completed at 7.15 am.

One of the men, Mithun Kumar, said, “Around 6.35 am, while patrolling the tracks, we spotted a crack in the track near Patripul in Kalyan and as we were examining it, I heard the blaring horn of theMumbai-Pune Indrayani Express. I ran towards the approaching train, waving and signalling it to halt, while my colleague Heera Lal got down to fix the broken track.”

Central Railway Chief Public Relations Officer Shivaji Sutar said, “It is quite praiseworthy that upon seeing train 22105 Indrayani Express approaching, Mithun Kumar, 23, immediately ran towards the train with red signal and stopped it in a timely manner while Heera Lal, 26, protected the site.”

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