A local solution and the global application is our philosophy: PM Modi at #PBD2019

“Today is very special for me. Because today I am not only the PM of India, but also the host of this ceremony as MP from Varanasi.” said PM Narendra Modi while addressing 2nd day of PBD convention.

At the beginning of Speech, Modi expressed condolences on the unfortunate death of Dr. Shivkumara Swami. He stated, it is a loss of spiritual and social sphere of India.

He appreciates and congratulates all the Pravasi Bharatiya for attending the ceremony. He said, “I do not only see you as ambassadors of Indian culture but also as see you as representative and symbol of India’s growth and development.”

He stated that earlier people used to say, “India will never change”, but today we changed this perspective.

He expressed, “with pride, we can say, India is in the leading role in the world. We are pioneering many new trends and things at the international level. We are moving towards becoming the world’s largest Startup Ecosystem.”

Further, he added, Government has taken a new step in Passport Seva service recently and is planning to provide E-passport. NRIs can play a great role in the startup, stand up, and defense manufacturing sector while working for the development of India.

On expressing about today’s India, he said, the government has used technology to eradicate the menace of corruption. With direct benefit scheme, now all the money without leakage reaching toward the beneficiaries.

On appreciating the efforts of UP government, he said, the organization two mega-events is not an easy job, but UP government nicely handled all these preparations and gave us one glorious event. Banaras city has been continuously introducing the country with the tradition of India’s cultural, spiritual and knowledge.

He congratulated and thanked everyone to be the part of this event of a reunion of culture and global vision.


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