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10 kg gold worth Rs 6 crore seized at Mumbai Airport

Revenue Intelligence Directorate, Mumbai Department seized 10 kg of gold in two separate incidents. petition price 6.2 crore is equal to Rs. In this case, four passengers have been arrested.

On examination of two passengers who came from Sharjah to Mumbai, 8 bars of gold containing 24 carat foreign coins weighing 8 kg were found in the clothes wrapped around the body.

In another case, an Indian citizen from Dubai, Cfhhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, was stopped for questioning. 56 purses were seized from them.

Chanderi colored metal stars would have been wrapped in 24 carat gold. The weight of the seized gold stars would have been 2005 grams. The cost of this petition is about 1 crore 23 crore 80 thousand.

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